Argon Plasma Cutting Machines in India

Argon plasma cutting machines in India are highly sought after. If you are still wondering why that is, read on. The gas used in any cutting machine system is the most important aspect for it to deliver the desired effect. You may think that your business may not get affected no matter what gas you choose to use, but this is far from being the truth. If you know your business requirements for the machine, meaning you know which machine will serve the purpose for your undertaken jobs at your particular set-up, The next step is to know if you have the required power supply and infrastructure to assist the machine or system to do the work efficiently, after which the very next step is to make sure you are using the right gas for the machine.

The conventional plasma cutting systems can cut most metal sheets of gauge thickness to about 1 inch with accuracy and precision by using compressed air, leaving an oxidized cut surface. This compressed air is also successfully used for plama gauging on carbon steel, making it a favourite among related businesses.

Business set-ups that deal with cutting materials of up to 3 inches in thickness, the most preferred gas is Nitrogen. With capabilities for higher current plasma cutting systems, this particular gas produces excellent high quality cuts on most materials and sheets giving its user the required finished product.

Oxygen is another gas that is commonly used in fabrication shops around the country. Most efficient when it comes to Carbon steel of a thickness up to 1 – ¼ inch, it delivers the highest quality mechanized cuts with a cut face that is smooth, and dross, which is easy to remove. This particular gas is also popular for cutting sheets of stainless steel and aluminum, even though the cutting produces a visible rough cut face.

Argon plasma cutting systems are the only machines that can cut any material that is thicker than 3 inches. Mostly used to make cuts on stainless steel and aluminum sheets of larger thicknesses, the procedure produces a clean and high quality cut face. The Argon and hydrogen mixture also provides an excellent gas for plasma gouging on all metal sheets of most materials.

Argon plasma cutting machines in India can be easily found by making a quick search on the Internet for a good manufacturer. It is vital to choose your manufacturing company well, as this would not only translate into you acquiring a quality product, but also ensure that the machine is maintained to its full capacity for years to come.