How to Start a Web Business in a Few Hours for under $5

When starting an on-line business, most of us take so long to plan out our strategy that we end up planning forever. This is probably the greatest hindrance facing an on-line business start-up. It’s a mindset that most people have but very few of us realize that we have it. In order to break this mindset, you’ve got to be decisive. You’ve got to make a firm decision and take action. This is especially true in the on-line business arena.

Many will say that you should take your time in order to get it right. They’ll tell you that rushing into things will result in bad decisions. Well there is another way of looking at things. Suppose you jumped in quickly and then later found that you screwed up on something such as choosing the wrong niche. There’s a simple solution right in front of you; just change your chosen niche to something else. No harm done. But couldn’t this make your on-line business journey a little longer? Not necessarily. You will have a business up and running from the get-go instead of waiting months due to needless extended planning.

Basically, what I’m suggesting is that you jump right in. Just pick a niche, get a hosting account, write some content and insert some ads. You’re up and running. You will be an Internet entrepreneur today with a full-fledged business website. Once that’s all done, you can then start tweaking it to your satisfaction. is a free step by step guide that explains in detail everything you’ll need to get your internet business up and running as fast and as cheap as possible.

Everything you need, from beginning to end is completely free except for the cost of a domain name and website hosting and shows you how to get your domain and hosting for less than $5.

Why not get started now? Can you spare a few hours and a few bucks? That’s about the time it takes to watch a few reruns (that you’ve seen before) and packing a lunch instead of eating out.

Or, you can spend days, weeks or months planning your business strategy.