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Why Some Sales Professionals Have Better Careers Than Others

If business is a game, sales professionals are right in the middle of the action, as many business transactions, regardless of the industry, involve some type of business development professional.

Therefore, sales professionals are typically responsible for how smoothly the transactions go and the amount of money derived from each lead.

This is why many executives would consider themselves above average (if not great) sales professionals while many of them were in a sales position at one point in their careers.

Determining the Great from the Average:

To determine the difference between the great and the average, we must ask ourselves as to what separates effective sales professionals from the average.

Below, you will find some factors that propel sales professionals to having a great career:

1. Ethics –

The best sales professionals have ethical standards that, regardless of their monetary condition, require them to uphold their own values. For many, it is hard to trust salespeople because so many have had bad experiences with them.

In sales, just like any other facet of business or life, unethical behavior becomes a vicious cycle. What happens? The sales representative, due to constant beratement from dissatisfied buyers thanks to their empty promises and ability to quickly collect but never deliver, begins to resent their buyers, thus justifying their behavior.

Not only do poor ethics lead to a subpar career; they lead to an unhappy one as well.

2. Mentorship and Growing Others –

This one works from both sides of the equation. Many reasons why sales representatives are unhappy and leave their current position is because they feel that they are not growing at their job. There is nobody there to mentor them.

Many sales professionals want to do right by their company, but fail to help the younger sales professionals grow and become better. This is for a myriad of reasons ranging from being too busy to more cynical drivers such as feeling the youngster could take their job.

Regardless, giving back is part of leadership and it’s part of being a good sales representative.

3. Understanding of Business –

Sales professionals who cannot dissect the corporate structure and attendant roles and behaviors of the people within the companies that they call their clients or prospects, are at a big disadvantage to those who have the ability to envision where each individual in a company fits in and how they, the sales rep, should tailor their sales angle accordingly.

Effective selling means being a business partner; in order to become a business partner, a sales professional must be able to have empathy for and understand their target market.

Because there are so many variables that encompass and drive the most effective sales representatives, three is not scratching the surface. However, the above three differentiators prove to be some of the biggest hurdles that business development representatives either recognize or, in some cases go through an entire career without realizing why they are not where they are supposed to or wish to be.

5 Important Ways to Spot a Data Entry Scam

There are literally hundreds of data entry programs floating online now a days. Unfortunately I’ve come to know a lot of them are just copy cats of the real data entry gurus. These are the guys that truly can show you how to earn lots of money online with simple data entry. However, Some of these people have sadly just copied someone elses website – Sometimes I’ve seen even word for word. The scary thing is some people happen to have great skills in building websites buts that’s all they did. There is no real personal knowledge behind it. That’s why it’s a great idea to email the company first and ask them a specific question about the program before joining. you see the copy cats will not know how to answer a lot of your questions because they don’t know what the heck they are doing!

Then you’ve also got the guys that do have the knowledge but they are so busy taking your money that they don’t really care to help you at all. Those ones are easy to spot just by simply seeing if they respond to an email in a timely manner. Try 1 or 2 emails just to be safe.

The type of data entry I am talking about is probably one of the best if not thee best ways to make money from home. I have heard reported earnings range from $200-$500 and up on a daily basis and this is a real estimate. So it’s not the program you really have to worry about being a scam, it’s the person behind the company, the one who’s doing the mentoring.

In case you are not familiar with this type of data entry I will quickly explain how it works. You will simply be typing up ads for web companies for the purpose of
drumming up business for them. Then in return you get a hefty commission, usually from 50-75% which is quite a bit. Imagine your ad is generating multiple sales daily. That could be a lot of money!

The cost to join a program like this is about $50 and can be made back fairly quick with some work.


1. Make sure they have a way to be contacted such as an email address or contact form.

2. A good data entry company should ALWAYS have a FAQS page.

3. A company that guarantees you’ll make a specific amount of money is lying.
(No company can guarantee this.)

4. Make sure they have an earning disclaimer page. If their honest and make no
promises of wealth then that’s a great sign of legitimacy.

5. Send them an email and see if they respond. (A lot of them will not!)

If you are seriously in need of extra income and are interested in learning this type of work then you will definitely want to check out a company called “Typist Jobs” owned by a Ruth Cleven. This is by far one of the better mentors I’ve come across and the company passes the scam test by far!