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Data Entry From Home Scams That Are Not What They Claim To Be

Most data entry from home jobs are nothing but a scam. They promise you easy money, but they don’t deliver what they promise.

As more and more people are looking for additional sources of income online, more opportunity is created for fraudsters to scam unsuspecting victims. One of the scams that have pervaded the internet involves data entry from home work opportunities. While not all ‘data entry from home’ opportunity are scams, they do provide a very easy to fraudsters to scam vulnerable people.

Data Entry From Home Job Offers

A data entry from home opportunity typically involves writing online ads for platforms like Google Adwords. They claim that thousands of companies worldwide are looking for people to write ads so that they can start advertising online. Since these companies are large multinationals, they are willing to pay top dollar to people who can write these ads for them. Moreover, you do not need to have any special skills to do this job, just an Internet connection. These jobs are sometimes also referred to as form-filling jobs, since the four lines ad format can be easily made to look like a form.

What They Promise

These data entry from home jobs literally promise you the skies. They claim that you will be able to earn thousands of dollars in no time. They claim that all you have to do is do some simple data entry from home in your spare time and the money will start flowing into your bank account. All you have to do is sign up with the website at a nominal cost and you could start earning money in minutes. If you take the opportunity, you are assured that you will never again have to take up a job, you will be able to spend quality time with your family, you will be able to travel the world with the time and money you have, etc.

What They Really Are

These data entry from home opportunities are more than just a scam to get your initial registration fee. They are nothing but a ruse to get you entangled with affiliate marketing. The companies they refer to as wanting expert ad writers are nothing but pyramid scheme MLMs. What they expect you to do is sign up with these companies, write your own ads and pay for your own ads. These ads are similar to the ones you fell for. If and when someone signs up through your ads, you get paid for it. So essentially, you are expected to put in your own time, effort and money in advertising this scam and you only get paid if you succeed in scamming someone else.

How To Avoid Them

There are two simple ways of identifying a scam. One is that it is simply too good to be true. Any opportunity that promises to make you pots of money for almost no effort on your part is likely to be a scam. The second giveaway is their demand for your money. Ask yourself, ‘would I have to pay money to do this work if it were offline?’ If the answer is no, there is no reason for you to pay money for the job which is online.

Pyramid Scam! Uncover The Truth About Current MLM Business Models

How do you tell a legitimate MLM business opportunity apart from all the pyramid scams plaguing the Internet? Do your due diligence and you’ll find that there are plenty of legitimate home business opportunities awaiting you after all.

When you’re researching a home business idea, it’s a good idea to be familiar with how scams work so you’ll be able to spot one early on and eliminate it from your shortlist.

One of the most common dangers in home business opportunities is called a pyramid scam and it’s fairly easy to spot because, apart from minor variations, it works the same way no matter how well people try to hide the scam.

Basically, a pyramid scam is a non-sustainable business model that requires you to shell out money for the “privilege” of enrolling other people into the scam without so much as product or service delivered in exchange. So beware of any home business idea or opportunity that doesn’t really offer anything of value and asks for money just so you can recruit more people into the system.

The sad truth is that far too many online MLM companies try to pass themselves off as legitimate home business opportunities but are actually nothing more than elaborate re-incarnations of one type of pyramid scam or another. It’s sad because these tend to resemble some aspects of legitimate MLM home business opportunities. It has given the entire MLM industry a bad rap and made it more difficult for genuine entrepreneurs to earn money online.

For your own protection, look for a safety logo issued by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to identify genuine MLM companies. You can also run the domain name of the company you’re researching in alexa.com or domaintools.com to see when it was created. Companies running a pyramid scam usually try to lure people in by claiming to have been around for a long time so if the domain name is relatively new, there’s a good chance they’re not being upfront with you.

That said, if you do find a home business idea that doesn’t raise any red flags, then check it out by all means and don’t be afraid to ask very direct questions. Anyone who is part of a legitimate operation will be more than happy to answer your questions to your complete satisfaction. Don’t let yourself feel pressured into making decisions you’re not completely comfortable with.

With due diligence and enough research, you’ll discover that there really are home business ideas that will allow you to trade in your 9-5 job and reap substantial income from the comfort of your own home. Real opportunities do exist but it’s up to you to navigate between what’s real and what’s not.