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Jobs at home SCAM!

You need to define the word scam first! If you would buy something and not get anything in return or they would do some false advertisement about the amount they pay you, yes it would be a scam. However with the IPC Program when you pay $249 you will be able to download the program, with the training system and you will also receive 50 ebooks and software. Only there, you can see that your money is not lost.

If you are doing some research on the IPC program and other online jobs at home program, you need to read this. If you are still searching for part time home jobs for extra income you are on the right track. I say that, since you are looking and are ready to make a change in your life. With extra income it will give you a chance of having a better life style.

The IPC program can provide you with the life you would like to have. Like anything, it will require work but not close to what you do on a full time job. The thing I like the most with the IPC program is that you do the work one’s and it will pay you a residual income. That is why the IPC program is the best online jobs at home on the internet. What the IPC program have that the other online jobs at home do not have is the stager 3 up compensation plan. That mean when you make your first sale you will make $200, the second sale goes to the person you bought the program from. Your third sale goes to you; that make $200. You’re forth will go to your up line, your fifth to you, your six sale to your up line again and your seven and eight sale goes to you for a total of $1’000 in your pocket. For every sale that you had, they will do the same principle for you. That mean for every 2, 4, 6 sale they do, they will go to you. Now I know what you are thinking, NO it’s not a pyramid. The person in the bottom can make more money than you. If he keeps generating more sales then you; he will make more money than you. This compensation plan will pay greatly to the person that works. If you stop making sale after the 8th sales, and the eight peoples that you sold this program make also 8th sales you will make $3’000 .When dose others people make 8th sale you will make $9’000 and it keep on growing. Just imagine if you keep making sale on top of that how much money you can make. I’m telling you there are no jobs at home out there that pays like this one.

Go do some researches and you will see for yourself. There are no internet jobs at home out there that compare with the IPC. Do yourself a favour and you will see. What do you have to lose? Who know, it might be what you’re looking for to move forward in life. Trust me, it won’t be your dead end job or your career that will provide you’re time back and give you the money that you require. Think about it!

The other jobs at home training system have no mach with the IPC training system for doing marketing online. We have different home jobs company that buy this program just to learn how to do the marketing online. That proves that we have the best training system online for any jobs at home company and it’s also prove that we have a good system that works.
There is no system like this one out there. It’s for you to decide what you want, out of your life. If you want something to change, you will need to change something out of your life. Make the right move and make your dream happen for you.
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Lightyear Wireless Review: Is it a Scam or Not?

If you typed “light year alliance or lightyear wireless review” into the search engines and found this article, then I commend you for doing your due diligence. You are probably interested in light year alliance and you are curious to know more about the system. Perhaps you wish to know whether or not the light year wireless business compensation plan is worth looking into. These are valid concerns that no doubt need excellent answers. So take your time to review this article.

This piece of writing is intended to give a complete review on light year alliance business and address concerns or related issues with regards to lightyear wireless.

Can you really make money with it? Absolutely! Is it possible that lightyear network solutions is a total sham? NO. The bottom line is lightyear alliance is not a scam. You can definitely use light year wireless and its amazing built-in marketing system to create a massive profits.

Although it is fairly new to the internet marketing scene, lightyear alliance is positively not a sham. It is understandable to be outright skeptical of the light year alliance business and what the the company may claim. There are just so many scams out there that make ridiculous claims that I too would not want to get duped into giving up my hard earned money that will eventually leave me with little to nothing in return.

Lightyear wireless launched back in July 29th, 2008. It is backed by a 15 year old Telecom Company (Lightyear Network Solutions) and includes a multi-million dollar data/billing center. Light year alliance ranked 19 on Inc. Magazine’s List of “Fastest Growing Companies”. Even more so important is the fact that light year alliance is the only network marketing company in the U.S. to pay commissions on Wireless! In addition to that, lightyear alliance is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

When you join, at your disposal in the back office section is the option to select from a couple of customizable home pages as well as lead capture pages, including but not limited to:

– free training calls, seminars, plus free marketing materials

– a step by step tutorial on how to set up the built-in auto responder system,

– friendly and very helpful support from customer service

– and everything else you could imagine from a wireless service, voip, wireless phone products and customer ordering system. It has all the powerful features and enhancements you’ll ever need to run your own business. Imagine your own website that can sign up new customers for you, take cell phones orders as well, and teach others about the light year alliance mlm business opportunity system and attractive comp plan.

And speaking of Light year alliance’s compensation plan, upon signing up as a distributor (or representative), you automatically qualify for a free cell phone. In other words, every person can get a free cell phone. That is if you sign up as a representative and you take advantage of one of the company’s affordable wireless plans.

Also, when you sign up as a distributor, you get compensated in several ways. You can get paid between 1-10 on 8 levels of compressed revenue, or from a bonus you get for each distributor you sign on to the company. The amount of the bonus can range from $50 or up to $350 just by helping one of your referrals sign up 2 customers points in 30 days. I know it can get a bit confusing but lightyear wireless compensation plan is easily laid out and thoroughly explained in the free weekly web seminars.

In short, light year alliance company is a legitimate entity. It is a 15 year old company that entered the MLM playing field to give the average earner the opportunity to potentially create a new stream (and thereby increase their source) of income. But don’t just take my word for it. Put it to the test and see for yourself.

Don’t you want to get paid on a service you are already using?