The Truth behind Online Scam

The Truth behind Online Scam.

A wise move anyone who is interested in making money online needs to consider first, is how to avoid online scam. While searching for how to make money online products or program, people tends to put the first thing last, this is the major reason why quite a number of people have become internet scam victims.

I’ll use a coin as an example; it obvious two parts makes up a coin. It’s impossible for one part to function without the other; scam of any form can be compare to a coin. There is the scammer who is looking for victims and there are victims who want to get rich overnight.

Thousands of internet income products or program promises quick money and the majority of people looking for these opportunities have fallen into their traps because they’ve never done a reality check on why internet scams works like magic.

This article will help to protect you from becoming a victim of internet scam while you search for online products or education to earn extra income.

Below are five reasons why scam works.

Financial Difficulty- Getting stuck in financial rut is mostly due to carelessness or wastage of resources available. A lot of people look after their wants, which leads to bad spending habits and get careless with their needs, which is the road map to financial independence. This mess always call for desperate solutions and this usually pushes one to start coming up with desperate actions. The web is a good source for creating online income but it takes commitment and patience to achieve positive results. Financial independence takes a lot of courage and self-sacrifice to construct and build, but most people are not willing to travel down that road; this tell why they easily fall for get rich quick schemes. In order to get out of the financial mess and difficulty they start running from pillar to post looking for quick fix. They search the Internet to make easy money online; they never buy the idea that financial bondage could be a long process to transform it into financial freedom. Their desperate attitude for a quick fix most times pushes them into the scam world where false promises of making easy money are presented to them in a very clever manner. It does not require much effort to convince them by these promises; they often act before they think. In the end instead of getting solutions to their problems, they compound them through their desperate actions.

Greediness – A greedy person has a terrible appetite for more even when they don’t need more. They mostly function by selfishness and greed; this terrible attitude pushes them into the Internet world. They start searching for information about making money on the net that produces quick results. They have a strong believe that the only means to survival is to be greedy and selfish. They are very good at using people because everything must always revolve around them – as long as they keep having their selfish ways – they don’t care who gets hurt along the way. They always follow their attitude; they never do a thorough check on “make money” schemes they come across. Most things that are in their possession are often acquire through greediness and selfish means. They wrestle many times with envy and jealousy and these two bad habits always take the upper hand. Satisfaction and contentment are tools they never make use of; their habits are also made of cheating and coveting. Their terrible appetite for more, often lure them into both online and offline fraud, truly, when they become fraud victims, they are only being paid back in their own coins.

Wild Imagination – Imagination are of many forms but the wild one is the appropriate one that applies in this case. One of the greatest gifts man posses is the gift of imagination. This awesome gift has helped man in many ways to achieve the unthinkable, the impossible and the unbearable. Once imagination connects with the mind, the sky will be the limit. Problem begins to sets in when imagination begins to run wild; imagination runs wild when thoughts that are growing or shaping in the mind will only result in something terrible. When we are being presented about how to get rich quick overnight, make easy money, home based businesses, our imagination begins to run wild about many things we will acquire and do with the money. In as much that, it is not bad to think about having the beautiful things of life, but if wild imagination takes over, we will never give room to other things that might appear real but are not real.

Instant Gratification – Many years ago I was at a seminar, in the middle of the seminar the speaker started talking about the book that relates to the topic of the seminar. The speaker referred to the book and claimed that he sold 500,000 copies of the book within two weeks. This I believe, is a dream every author wishes will come through – the truth behind the instant success of the book is – the author said that it took him twelve years to write the book. This means, whatever amount he made in two weeks from the sales of the book should be multiply by twelve. Most of the news we read about on the Internet about people making lots of money week in week out, some are true while many are not. For you to make easy money online you have to work hard first. It must always be at the back of ones mind that for people to make thousands of dollars in a week they have already done a lot of work in the background. Therefore, anytime you come across a scheme that promises instant wealth, like many work from home and home based businesses schemes, the best approach is to do some research because with some of them, you will become wealthy but it won’t be instant.

Frustration – The present economic situation in the world has caused many to lose their jobs, which are their means of livelihood. Majority are turning to the Internet to start creating online income, they are signing up for home based businesses. The current financial situation has also led to many problems in many marriages and the result has been frustration upon frustration. Frustration sets in when needs are not being met or things we set out to do are deteriorating. The most vulnerable are people dealing with frustration this is the reason why many fall for Internet fraud schemes because they want answers to questions, they need solutions to problems. When people are frustrated and could no longer handle it, their feelings and emotions usually go haywire. Finding solutions to problems at hand is not advisable in the heat of the moment. When people are control by frustration, anything that comes in the form of help always seems right. They can be out of control with their feelings and emotions that, they start acting out of character. When they come across some bogus offer in such a state – rather than not allow the situation to control them – they come up with many reasons while they think this is the solution to the problems. In the end when they discover that it’s all a scam, it only multiplies the frustration, which could lead to drastic actions.

In conclusion, learning how to avoid both online and offline scam must always start with the one who is about to become a victim. Considering the five reasons above will expose the truth and it will serve as a guide.

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